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wow gold Ware Protection

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Dołączył: 09 Maj 2014
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PostWysłany: Pon Maj 12, 2014 03:08    Temat postu: wow gold Ware Protection Odpowiedz z cytatem

Ware Protectioncomments, called-out A nasty trend is a friend for Trend Micro as computer viruses thrive in a networked world. Computer threats are big business. Experience in Asia shows that as broadband spreads and computers are connected 24 hours a day, new dangers emerge: data miners, hackers, “Trojan horses” and–potentially most dangerous of all–network viruses. An unprotected PCoperating system is almost certain to be attacked within days. Unlike traditional viruses or worms, network viruses have the potential to spread throughout the world in minutes without anybody having to click on anything. [url= of Warcraft - EU.wow_eu.Gold.Info.aspx]wow gold[/url] By the time virus-fighting companies come up with an antidote, it could be too late. Some count 70,000 known viruses–6 notorious ones (see p. 70) have caused an estimated $20 billion in damages. This is bad for the Internet but great news for Trend Micro, a computer security company headquartered in Tokyo’s showcase-of-everything-new Shibuya district. [url= of Warcraft - EU.wow_eu.Gold.Info.aspx]wow gold[/url] “They used to think of [antivirus software] as a separate option; now it is like seat belts in a car,” says Mahendra Negi, Trend Micro’s chief financial officer. [url= of Warcraft - EU.wow_eu.Gold.Info.aspx]wow gold[/url] Trend Micro is expecting its revenues to rise 20% and earnings to shoot up 35%, to $136 million and $57 million, in the quarter ending Sept. 30. That kind of growth has produced a fat market capitalization ($5.6 billion) that qualifies entrepreneurial Trend Micro for the FORBES GLOBAL A-List of the top bigger public companies. In 2003 the antivirus market as a whole grew 21% worldwide to $2.7 billion, and similar growth is expected for 2004, according to market research firm IDC. “This thing snowballs. Business partners insist you have security. Honda says, ‘You cannot access our system without protection,’” Negi notes. The spread of broadband in Japan has meant that 60% of Japanese computer users experienced virus-related problems during the past year. As a result 92% of Japanese computer users have now installed antivirus software, and Trend Micro has a 44% share. In the U.S., by contrast, where 24-hour fast hookups are only now becoming commonplace, 63% of home Internet users either do not have up-to-date antivirus protection or do not have any at all, according to a study commissioned by Microsoft. Which has made Japan a propitious base for the company that Taiwan-born Steve Chang founded in 1989. Chang had gotten a computer science degree in the U.S. and worked at Hewlett-Packard. He returned home to found AsiaTek, a creator of Unix software programs, but says it was wrecked by piracy. That struggle was what led him to protective software. “In 1988 I found out about a company in Pakistan that used software that destroyed a hard disk as a form of copy protection,” he recalls. “This turned out to be C-brain, the first virus.” Started in Los Angeles, Trend Micro became the first company to put antivirus software on servers. In 1993 he gave Intel the U.S. and European license for the technology for five years for $3 million a year. Chang then moved his company to Japan where he retained rights to his product. Business expanded rapidly there and, in 1999, when the Intel license expired after a one-year renewal, he began expanding in Europe and the U.S., hitherto turf owned largely by American rivals Symantec and McAfee. Trend Micro, strongest with small and medium-size businesses, is now dominant in the Asia Pacific area and is battling it out in the rest of the world. Meantime, computer fiends keep creating business aplenty. In 1999 the Melissa virus caused $1.5 billion worth. The MyDoom virus destroyed $4 billion worth of wealth in January of this year, says Ichizo Nakai, a senior manager at McAfee. These figures incorporate lost software (or even hardware) and forgone staff time and sales. It’s the potential future damage that is scariest. The Slammer worm infected 90% of vulnerable computers on the Net in roughly ten minutes, disrupting finance, government institutions and transportation around the world. Those hit had not been updated with a Microsoft operating-system patch. Slammer was relatively harmless but, had its creator wished, he could have easily added instructions to his virus that would have wiped out all the information in half the world’s PCs, Trend Micro’s Negi contends. The horror story continues: In the future, as telephone connections switch to Internet-based technology, a nihilistic teenage geek could potentially shut down the global economy by jamming the circuits. Speed is the killer. Traditional viruses and worms need someone to click on an attachment to activate. Network viruses, essentially commands over the Web, do not. MsBlast, another such malignant bit of software, was thus able to infect 400,000 computers around the world within 15 minutes. At its major antivirus center in the Philippines, Trend Micro has a map that displays in close to real time where viruses are coming from and how they are spreading. A rapid reaction team can come up with an antidote within 45 minutes of finding the virus and get that antidote to most customers within two hours. Its competitors have a similar track record. This is too slow for the new types of virus. One approach being explored, with heavy sectorwide RD spending, is to install programs that look for unusual behavior in a computer and then temporarily stop it until it can be investigated further. The downside is that necessary functions may be shut down by such programs even at times when there is, in fact, no virus attack taking place. Rapid onset of new dangers means that buying antivirus software in a package is buying a product that is out of date long before you even take it off the store shelf. These days subscriptions and regular automatic updates are a must, promising a steady revenue flow for Trend Micro and its rivals. However, like anybody else in the software business, the upstarts have to look over their shoulders at Microsoft. Since 98% of virus and worm attackers target Microsoft products, the Redmond, Washington behemoth has declared war. In August Microsoft released free software called Windows XP Service Pack 2. It automatically updates the operating system to protect it in the face of “increasingly sophisticated attacks” from hackers, viruses and other security risks, according to a memo by Bill Gates. Shades of Explorer versus Netscape? Negi concedes that ultimately the consumer antivirus market could become Microsoft turf. However, Trend Micro makes 80% of its money from corporate customers who run many non-Microsoft computers. Trend Micro was the first company to put antivirus software on servers instead of on individual PCs. In keeping with its server-based tradition it has reached an agreement with Cisco to put its products, on an OEM basis, inside network routers, the non-Microsoft part of the Net where the biggest future threats lurk. xboter 2014
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Wysłany: Pon Maj 12, 2014 03:08    Temat postu:

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